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Guys....I need to say something.....

2010-01-07 14:18:27 by kallioli


also ThE GaMe

Is the Cake a lie?

2010-01-06 17:25:51 by kallioli

Is it?

hey i will be making a game with PIED3, and we will be entering it into the power of three contest. pie is the artist, and i am the coder. we just need a musician :D so if someone would be able to help us out with this problem, plz pm me.i personally think this game is going to be awsome, but pie is a great animator and artist.

thanks in forward, -kallioli

new animation coming up.....

2009-04-14 15:53:31 by kallioli

hoping you'll rate fairly....warning, it will be random.... :D......really random.........

LOL china

2009-04-01 09:51:51 by kallioli

i guess today is china themed. animation = bicycle and some other shit has been changed :D
lolololololololololololololololol :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

HI!! :D

2009-03-08 06:06:21 by kallioli

hello everybody!

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New Game! :P

2009-03-02 15:50:43 by kallioli

:D i have made a new game it is AWESOME........ comment what u think about it please.


2009-02-25 11:25:54 by kallioli

i am going to make a game with Pied3 : )


what do u think?
btw i need ideas if some one can help me with that?
added a banner as you can see...




2009-02-18 12:38:59 by kallioli

i think that score was the best ive gotten :D


So how do you like my flash?

2009-01-21 06:51:47 by kallioli

ok so i know that many of you just HATE my flash but you know, i am doing my 100% best.
ok, maybe not when i made that Oh Crap. animation but every other time i have been working my ass off just trying to figure out some code s and stuff but i SUCK at codin and when my friend comes over he usally helps me with the coding. like with the other platformer where u have the sword and are trying to kill as many bugs as possible,he helped me with that.he has a profile on kongregate, i think it is superjet731-here is his website-www.kongregate.com/accounts /superjet731
so i hope you check it out. his games are kinda cool (way better than mine). and oh,btw i am going to make an platformer with PIED3-http://pied3.newgrounds.com/ hes kinda cool u should youtube him and see his easytoon work - i think its awesome.